Classe Engagement 

Earlham offers many ways for the student body to become engaged and active participants of Miller Farm:

Sustainable Agriculture and Practicum (INTD 121) is a one-credit course offering that takes place on the Miller Farm. “The main focus of this course is to be an experiential practicum in sustainable agriculture. The course generally utilizes the 'natural cycles' educational model often used in the Outdoor Education program to foster learning and discovery about the variety of processes and skills needed in the operation of a small-scale farm.


Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Courtney Scerbak’s Biology class, The Fountain of Youth: Diet, Genes and Aging, has utilized the farm as part of it curriculum. The focus of the course is local foods sources, where food comes from, and how cultures engage with food.

Environment, Society & Sustainability is a course taught by Jamey Pavey, director of the Environmental Leadership Program, which focuses on food systems and sustainability. The farm provides a tour of our facilities and host a discussion about our practices as compared to those the students have been studying. 

Associate Professor of Geology Cynthia Fadem teaches Soils & Sustainable Agriculture which “explores the awesome complexity of soils from molecular to landscape-scale and examines the particular problems soils pose to human-landscape interaction.” The class came out to the farm this semester with pick axes and shovels to take soil samples from the buckwheat cover crop patch and compared it to an area that has been covered in hay for years. Miller Farm students have yet to see the results of the experiment and are curious to see what the class discovered.